WasteLess offers a sustainable way of shopping. No more shrink-wrapped vegetables; no more single-use coffee pods; no more being bombarded by big-brand advertising.


At WasteLess, everything will be sold in loose-weight. Simply bring along your own empty containers, fill them up with your item of choice, and pay only for the product you want, not the packaging you don’t.


Skipping the one-time packaging not only saves the environment, but it saves you money, and not having to deal with daily piles of rubbish saves your sanity!


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WasteLess will be Stockholm’s first and only 100% packaging-free, organic supermarket. We want to reinvent the way we shop today, and offer a real alternative to the wasteful ways of the established supermarkets.




By shopping in bulk, you can purchase the amount of food that suits YOUR needs, which helps to minimise food waste.


We take hygiene very seriously, all of our products will be dispensed from hygienic containers, including gravity bins and air-tight jars - all to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.


As a consumer, the choices you make help determine what you find in the supermarkets. Every time you buy something, you cast your vote. When you buy those plastic-wrapped cucumbers, you are sending the message that this is exactly what you want - and they’ll keep producing it.


WasteLess is your opportunity, your vote against the current irresponsible, polluting packaging trends we see today.


Dealing with waste once it exists can only take us so far - else we would have recycled ourselves out of this mess already! It is time to rethink, it is time to take care of our waste before it becomes a problem - how? By not creating any!


WasteLess is the only place in Stockholm where this is possible! And you can rest assured that behind the scenes we are doing all we can to make this venture as sustainable as possible. We want to set the example, and show what is possible!



Store location to be announced shortly


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